Daytrip to Mon Chaem, Mae Rim. (scooter trip)


Mon Cham (often spelled as Jam) is a scenic day trip from Chiang Mai city center. You can always stay there if you prefer, but i usually just make it a day trip. 

Located on Mong Nong Hoi village, Mon Cham is part of the Royal Project, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. Due to it’s cooler temperatures, a great deal of products are grown which are not often available elsewhere. Strawberries are particularly sought after from this area (you can also do your own strawberry picking). The flowers are really quite stunning and attract a great deal of butterflies, some of which are very unusual looking.

Viewpoint, Restaurant & Camping
1780891_798969193464990_872725629_nThe main destination at Mon Cham is the mountain viewpoint which has a Royal Project restaurant, serving fresh dishes made from local ingredients.  You can also camp just down from the restaurant area, which I’m sure must be quite beautiful, especially early mornings and sunset/dusk periods, but i haven’t experienced that, so cannot comment (if i recall the prices are between the 700 – 2000 baht range)


Restaurant Opening Hours:
9:00 – 19:00 (August – September)
9:00 – 21:00 (October – February)

The photos are from March period (when it is less scenic than other periods, yet still a lovely trip). March in Chiang Mai region has burning/pollution issues, which often restrict views. It is also the hot season, so quite parched. The good thing about this period though is that there are less tourists around. Peak periods during the cool season (Nov – Feb) attracts visitors to the viewpoint, sometimes excessively. If you visit during the peak cool season period, i recommend you go on a weekday rather than at the weekend.60554_798968680131708_1666238451_n 10014671_798968950131681_1111776963_n 10001370_798969503464959_1989520653_n 1982331_798970903464819_1043134479_n 1932269_798968586798384_216100715_n 1922103_798969486798294_1180608555_n 1920425_798969823464927_1211211599_n 1920297_798969136798329_58424300_n 1908227_798969696798273_1037845932_n 1904207_798969213464988_817987068_n 1797329_798969020131674_770432749_n 1780891_798969193464990_872725629_n 1511019_798969263464983_1569540714_n 1383084_798969613464948_1026487294_nHave you been to Mon Cham before? What season?

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