Giddy Up: My Bike & Gear…

I’ve been asked a few times about what bike I ride and the gear I wear, so figured would be easier if I just write up about it. I’ve been meaning to for some time now…so here goes. *Update: I now have new boots – Forma Adventure*   #1: Jacket: Komine JK-053 armoured mesh – ladies cut. 5000 baht (around 145

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Honda Safety Riding Park – Basic Dirt Riding Course x 2

HONDA OFFER BOTH ON ROAD AND OFF ROAD COURSES. PRICES and COURSE details near to the bottom of the page. *UPDATE* I took the basic dirt course a second time, details and update on round 2 after the round 1 write up. Some months back on the main 118 highway I noticed the Honda Safety Riding Park sign. Pretty hard

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Riding LEGALLY in Thailand: What You Need To Know

Surprisingly there is a fair bit of confusion, presumptions and false information about what is and isn’t legal to do as a rider in Thailand. Whether a new rider or experienced, I’m going to clear up some of the mist on this topic (and aiming to keep it simple and concise). IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A VALID MOTORCYCLE LICENSE FROM OUTSIDE

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The Mae Hong Son Loop

LAYMAN’S GUIDE series.  No waffle. Non wax-lyrical. Straightforward. Whether on a scooter or a bigger bike, here is the Zed CM layman’s guide to the Mae Hong Son loop Clockwise or Counter-clockwise, the choice is yours. To keep this guide simple, this guide will be based on clockwise. (Clockwise is useful for those riding the loop for the first time for

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