The Back Road to Pai: Samoeng > Wat Chan > Pai> Chiang Mai

Feb 2016 – Tail end of cool season. no rain. Route: Samoeng, route 1349  towards Yang Ha, continue onto Ban Wat Chan.Turn right on to 1265 to head to Pai.  The Rough Stuff: Resurfaced sections with intermittent rocky patchy stretches. Approx 60km between Yang Ha and Wat Chan the road gets progressively worse, with around 30km of bumpy dirt ridges.

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The Wiang Haeng Loop

Having heard that the Wiang Haeng loop was supposed to be a great loop and scenic, i thought it was worth a check-out. Turned out to be, for me, more challenging than i had hoped, and not in a good way. I had based myself for a few days in the beautiful area of Chiang Dao with the intention of

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The Samoeng Loop – a mini scoop

Anyone who rides in Chiang Mai will know the Samoeng Loop, and likely know it well. The loop is pretty much the base staple for any riders in Chiang Mai for a quick ride around on a nice day. Its also the one that many tourists on scooters will want to pay a visit to.(My guide and mini map of

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