Hanoi – Thai Embassy / Thai Visa Trip (Non-Moto)

Seeing as I had never been to Vietnam before, I figured I would apply for my new Thai visa in the capital city. I decided to go on the weekend to get a taste of the city before applying for my visa on the Monday morning. (Next time I visit I hope to ride in Vietnam instead.) *FOR DETAILED INFO

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Ducati Splatty – Slippy Slide / Loss of Pride ^^

“..quick question – would you be interested and available for a small photoshoot next week? I need to take some images of the Ducati desert sled for Kevin from Dart motors.” – Project brief: easy trails and dirt. Nothing extreme. Ooh, new bike to try! Sounded great. I explained about not being confident on dirt, but was willing to give it

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Singha Park International Balloon Festival (inc. the R109 and a ride to Doi Chang, Doi Wawi & Mae Suai Dam)

(14th February 2019) The Chiang Rai Singha Park International Balloon Festival is a spectacular annual event, where participants from 14 countries (including the United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, Brazil, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Austria, Latvia, Germany, Italy and Japan), all come together to display their fabulous balloons. The event runs for five days (this year it was from 13th –

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