Stop Kissing My Bike!

Bike kissing seems to be a big problem here in Thailand. I do not know if this issue is worldwide, but I noticed it is rather bad here. Particularly seems to affect my little scooter, a cute retro looking Yamaha Fino. This bike seems to attract the most amount of kissing.



As you can see from this photo—>

This also isn’t a case of the bikes have no where else to go and so RESORT to kissing my scooter. No, this is bikes deliberately going up and kissing.
Ive also sadly on a few occasions come back later to find my bike with a bent (and even smashed) side mirror. Lovers tiff? Temper from unrequited love?
There are at least two occasions I can recall where I’ve had my mirrors smashed by some inconsiderate parker. LL#$O@O)*###!!

I can pop into a shop or someplace even for a moment, and come out and have to deal with some over-amorous scooter schmoozing up to my girl.

I’ve totally had it!

REALLY irritates me.

In con13230101_1304045956290642_429646144674421271_nsequence, these bikes often find themselves moved into the street and some random piece of litter stuck on it or in the basket (if it has one). Honestly, they are lucky I don’t key them!11391659_1084395641589009_1761771038851489832_n


Plenty of room EVERYWHERE, but instead chooses to kiss up to my bike!!!


Ah..but some of them are so ill looked after that keying them would make no difference.

Which brings me to another point (seeing as I’m on a rant roll..).

How badly do you have to NOT love your bike to let it get in the conditions some of them get into? I’m not just talking about fixing up money wise, I’m talking about general care and cleanliness. There have been times where I let my bike get a little dirty, but in general I keep it well-cared for. Some bikes I see kissing up to her look like they haven’t been washed since they were bought. Is it really that hard to run a sponge and some water over it?

My bike is just a few years older than this (my bike 5 years old) and has clocked up many km from riding it around many places in Northern Thailand…several times over!

Look at this one bike I saw the other day.
Seriously, a little elbow grease and it would come up as new.
Instead you want to drive around looking like a heap of sh-all-not-use bad word.
I don’t get it, i just don’t get it.

Regardless, however you want to have your bike look is up to you. But at least respect how OTHERS want their bikes to look. Give a little space and don’t scratch or damage other peoples bikes.

Just a little respect is in order here..you know! So STOP KISSING OTHER PEOPLES BIKES!

Rant over! ;)

Have you had this happen to you?
Come on, tell me what you do if it happens to you? 😉


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