Slippy Slidey Thailand Roads….. Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai


Road sections polished like pebble stones + oil residue + short but hard tropical rainstorm + mountain curves = lots of this.


I saw three accidents today at Doi Suthep; 2 motorcycles and this car. I didn’t even go up the whole mountain. This was just a small section. Thankfully on all three, nobody was hurt.

Samoeng loop the last few days was like riding on an ice rink in sections. My bike sliding, yet my tires are good. Lots of oil residue on polished roads. Bad enough as is, but add a spot of heavy rain and it can feel like an oil slick.

Be careful on Thai roads! Safe travels!

When have you found the roads to be most difficult to ride on?
Rainy season?
Comment below!


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