Pee Like a Man…..

12243328_1176055415756364_4179042825794406789_nNot exactly moto “gear”, but absolutely worth doing a write up on.
This is one for the girls.

Picture this:

  • You are on the bike.
  • Nature calls.
  • You are far from anywhere.
  • The bushes await..

No matter how hardcore you are, no matter how much of an adventurer, there is something really quite terrifying about squatting down outside when nature calls. It just feels so vulnerable. You are at the mercy of nature and no matter how quick you are about it, it still feels like a a lifetime. Certainly feels long enough to imagine every possible weird scenario. (Maybe a snake will get me..or a big spider.. or what if someone chases me and my pants are around my ankles… or what if..what if..what if……?).

I even had the unforgettable moment of being caught short in the dark. I was in the Doi Tung hills of Northern Thailand and I was slightly lost. It got dark. VERY DARK. Pitch black dark in fact. I couldn’t find the place i was looking for and as time ticked on I knew that if i didn’t find some place to relieve myself fast there would be an embarrassing accident. Fast forward to me finally choosing a spot and using a torch to clamber into a hidden area. Hidden enough to hide even the most sneaky of snakes.. My heart felt like it would pump out of my chest. Some pretty bizarre thoughts went through my mind during those few moments and my senses were hyper vigilant! Thankfully my worst fear of trying to find a hospital in the middle of nowhere because i had a spider or snake bite in my nethers wasn’t realised. …!

Case-in-point, this video below is one of those moments where i had to deal with exactly this kind of struggle:

Anyway, this is where our male counterparts certainly have the upper hand (or lower Ive never experienced “penis envy” until this came up for me. ( sorry, couldn’t help myself. Hope doesn’t offend :p). Seriously though i really started to wish i had a better (safer) way of dealing with nature calling.


This solution i found works, Ive tried and tested it many times…and it works 100%! (hope that doesnt sound like a sales pitch. I have zero affiliation with this product, nor am i sponsored by anyone. Heck i am still trying to work out how to put ads on my site

Its called the Shewee and simply put, you can pee standing up. Its a funnel-like small fold-able device, made of silicon…and its awesome. (Also GoGirl, another main name brand)

REALLY awesome!


Honestly though, it may be too much information..but its too much of a great piece of information NOT to share!

I had to experiment with it a little at first at home. My biggest fear was not getting it right and making a mess of my clothes. But its surprisingly very simple and easy to use. Haven’t had any issues with it or any accidents *knocks wood*. You don’t need to pull down your trousers/pants much, so nothing is exposed. If this worries you then you could always use a shawl or towel around you first. Once it is in position it is pretty straight forward. I carry a camelbak water bladder with me on rides so when im finished with the Shewee I rinse it with water and then put it into a waterproof ziplock bag. At my destination i wash it again and let it air dry.

The bonus too is that if wearing your helmet and bulky gear, most people will assume you are a man. So if you do find yourself a little exposed from the back, most wont even register that its a woman there. I always told myself that if any man sees me and is close enough to talk to me, id just put on a really deep voice and let him think I’m transgender. Hey, whatever works right! Safety first!

Anyway, big thumbs up for the Shewee. Great product. You can also find cheaper generic versions. I’m really really happy with it and i no longer have a “toilet dilemma” like my video above!

Hope this helps 😀

Have you tried it?
Do you think you will try it?
Comment below!


  • I use one whenever I: go camping( especialy in the winter). Best to pratice using it the shower. Priceless for may situations.

    • I agree that practicing to use it first in the shower helps so much. I suspect that is why many get put off when trying it out, if they haven’t practiced first. Once I got the hang of it I loved it! 😀

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