Hot Climate Riding. Top Tips for Keeping Cool.

I am often asked how I cope with riding for long hours in fairly hot temperatures (up to 46 degrees Centigrade / 115 Fahrenheit). I don’t have much in the way of fancy cooling gear, except for my mesh motorcycle clothes (although prior to getting this gear I still coped fine with a canvas style jacket and Draggin jeans). I

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Hanoi – Thai Embassy / Thai Visa Trip (Non-Moto)

Seeing as I had never been to Vietnam before, I figured I would apply for my new Thai visa in the capital city. I decided to go on the weekend to get a taste of the city before applying for my visa on the Monday morning. (Next time I visit I hope to ride in Vietnam instead.) *FOR DETAILED INFO

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Ducati Splatty – Slippy Slide / Loss of Pride ^^

“..quick question – would you be interested and available for a small photoshoot next week? I need to take some images of the Ducati desert sled for Kevin from Dart motors.” – Project brief: easy trails and dirt. Nothing extreme. Ooh, new bike to try! Sounded great. I explained about not being confident on dirt, but was willing to give it

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