(29th September 2019) Hey, hey! DGR 2019 in Chiang Mai! ..and what a ride! Around 340 riders turned up and turned out for Chiang Mai’s 5th Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. (Quite an increase from the first CM DGR in 2016, where there were around 70 riders.) The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a worldwide charity event that takes place on the 29th

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Temple-Tastic! 8 Hours Exploring On ONE Tank Of Petrol!

(Wednesday October 2nd 2019). 8 hours of riding joy exploring a section of outer Chiang Mai region, on ONE tank of petrol (7.7 litre tank)! Fab roads and amazing temples on a glorious Rainy Season day. (*Note* many of the temples/meditation retreats I visit are very quiet and turning up as a solo rider isn’t a problem. In my humble opinion

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DayTripping Hidden Delights: Samoeng – Ban Pong – Mae Wang

16th September 2019. I planned to take a few hours out for a quick ride/explore in the Samoeng area of Chiang Mai province, but I was enjoying myself so much that it turned into a 9 hour ride/explore. I had an absolutely brilliant day of looking around, including finding a hidden Vietnamese temple in Samoeng Neau valley. With the Rainy

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MOTO GEAR SHOPS – LONDON – (including the famous BIKE SHED)

August 2019  – I took a quick trip from Thailand to London, taking in a few of the most popular motorcycle gear shops, in the hope of finding some specific ladies gear options whilst there. (This write-up focuses mainly on ladies gear) I did figure that the UK would be more cool weather gear focused, rather than hot weather gear,

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WRWR – Women Riders World Relay – Thailand Edition (28/07/19)

WRWR – Women Riders World Relay – Thailand Edition (28/7/19) The WRWR relay is the worlds largest motorcycle relay, with the offical baton being passed by women riders from country to country, continent to continent. The relay, which started out from Scotland, is the concept of UK rider Haley Bell, who was inspired by the idea of igniting a global

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