One Hell of a Trip on a Fino: Chiang Mai > Fang > Mae Sa Long > Doi Tung > Mae Sai > Thaton > Doi Angkhan > Chiang Dao > Chiang Mai

My first big trip (well it seemed MASSIVE at the time) on a bike. 3 days and 2 nights.

I had only been riding for approximately 8 months or so, and I was riding a Yahama Fino 115cc.
If you know anything about this kind of scooter, you will know it merely chugs along on any kind of incline and has the suspension of a brick. So, basically you get thrown about on any uneven road etc.. and Thailand absolutely has its share of potholes, gravel, poor roads….

UntitledRegardless, this trip is firmly implanted as one of my most amazing trips of all time. Purely because i felt like i was on a mammoth adventure. I felt like a true explorer. At the time there were less foreign tourists in these zones also, so it felt like being from outer space..haha.

I loved every moment..even the mini crash i had, due to having no idea about how to brake on gravel. Found myself on the ground with my bike on top of my ankle..which later on became the size of a small grapefruit. The perils of being a self-taught moto rider, with absolutely no idea….

Mae Salong. I couldnt believe how different this place was from the rest of the Thailand i knew. They speak Yunnanese. I felt like i was in a whole other country.


Thaton, which thankfully hasn’t changed much over the years. The well-known Naga serpents had just been built.168100_191928134169102_6781736_n


 Doi Ang Khan179636_191929220835660_3175457_n


So…what was your first motorcycle trip? Leave me a comment ! 😀


  • I stumbled over this site and glad I did. I have been wanting to do a Mae Hong Son scooter trip (I can’t ride manual) but my partner has had reservations about me riding the loop on a scooter. This has helped a lot.
    Looks like a few other interesting places worth visiting also. Thanks.

    • Good luck Ali! A lot of people ride the roads on a scooter. I personally wouldn’t go back to a scooter for big trips but that is only because my Fino is so unsuitable for these roads, or at least the kind of riding i was doing on the roads. It is this bike i had my accident on, so i am very wary.
      I would never actually recommend anyone to ride these roads on a scooter, but i did use a scooter for trips for a couple of years and had great fun doing so. The choice is down to the individual.
      Scooters such as Sonics and other step-throughs are really great bikes in my opinion, or bikes with a bit more “oomph” such as the PCX or Forsa.
      Ride safe and wish you a great trip.

  • We just today added a description of the route on Doi Angkhan =) My first motorcycle trip in Thailand: Koh Samui – Chiang Mai on a Yamaha Elegance 135cc motorbike =) Cheers! =)

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