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This was a really fun trip, but the boys (who normally ride bikes with much more power ) found the trip a bit of a slog on 250cc bikes. It was great that they did this trip on bikes that matched mine, though. Very grateful for that!


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As an aside, the guys on the trip became affectionately known as “The Grinder Boyz”, mainly because one of them decided to play a trick on another of the guys by uploading his pic on the Grinder app. (Grinder is the equivalent of Tinder, but for those interested in the same sex). Yes, childish I know, but pretty funny all the same.


1507709_997244796970761_552750671716552905_nThe guys on this trip are experienced riders, really experienced. So for them the pace was a doddle, and thus the antics that came about were pretty fun. Had a giggle the whole trip.

The 1148 is known as one of the best roads for riding in the province, and although I enjoyed it, I found it not quite as twisty as I normally like. Or maybe my bike just doesn’t have enough power for these kinds of sweeping curves. Would be a good one to try on a bike with more power.

We started from our usual meeting point before heading off. I had a small bag, the guys seemed to take kitchen sinks… ^^11104_995372330491341_6698106192190906117_nThe pace was around 120/130km and so we did ok for time. But of course, that’s because we cant go any faster! We kept going till we hit Sabaai Dee Coffee shop for a break and a cool down. A couple of other riders had joined up with us at this point, and would head to Nan with us also. 
Fab ride, fab weather (January is cool season and is really great for riding at this time), fab company. 

We hung up our helmets at S.P. Guesthouse in Nan. A nice friendly inexpensive guesthouse. Seems to be a favorite with riders due to the secure parking.
10943645_995044883857419_77651924182040821_nHeaded out for a bit to eat and went along to the HUGE night market. Was a bit too overwhelming for a few of us, including me, so half went around the market and the rest of us headed off for a quiet drink at a local biker bar. I pretty much called it a night fairly early and headed off back to the guesthouse with the only other girl on the trip, my good friend Tik. Boys will be boys, as they say, and the guys stayed up late drinking.

As I was in bed at a more reasonable hour it was easy for me to get up early so I was packed up and ready to set off at the time we had all planned. 
The boys were no where in sight. Haha.

When they did emerge from the rooms a little later, they actually didn’t seem too worse for wear. I guess they are just used to it! So, after they got themselves together we headed off for breakfast, packed and ready and geared up to go.

P.S, I find the photo (below) that was taken at the breakfast place pretty funny.. because the tallest man in the group on the right, was standing next to the shortest lady in our group. Haha. Comical height difference.

10929160_995372870491287_7389931904406970009_nSo this time we headed back via a different route (at a later date I will update what this route was), which I was enjoying much more than the more famous 1148 route. It was much more twisty. We hit an area of roadworks with lots of gravel and sticky tarmac, but apart from that section the rest of the route was absolutely stunning with roads in great condition. At one point we were all low on fuel (spitting feathers!) and had a bit of a panic to find a fuel pump. I spied one on a roadside thankfully, and were saved.

We made a pit stop in Phayao and ended up meeting a group of friends who were just back from a lengthy tour. Had no idea they would be there, so was a nice coincidence. We had lunch together and shared some stories, and then headed off back to Chiang Mai. We arrived as dusk was setting and was really quite beautiful.

This trip will stick in my mind as one of the most fun I have ever had.
Thanks Grinder Boyz! 


What is one of the most fun bike trips you have ever had?
Comment below! 😀

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