One Screw Loose

12376603_1192007730827799_1886890243470382681_nOne screw loose.
No, not me. The bike!

So i think its about time to learn more about fixing up my own bike. You know “just in case”. ..and, because i enjoy it. ..and, because im Scottish (frugal is the word, frugal!)

Anyway, there was an rather annoying ratting/vibrate sound coming from my bike. The longer i didnt do anything about it, the more the sound began to irritate me.

So… time to investigate. Turned out to be one small thing. A missing screw. Funny really. One small thing causing a whole lot of noise.

12642880_1220309757997596_8044300877413502093_n Talking of bike maintenance, i also finally did my first home oil change. Yes, i really haven’t done it myself before..>.< Pretty vile what came out actually, and shockingly small amount. Feeling ashamed that i let the oil get so low and so manky before changing.

Next, is the brake pads….

Do you do your own bike maintenance or rely on a mechanic?
Comment below! 😀

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