Accident scene revisited, 4 years later.


12274287_1175215825840323_839752525968265527_nAfter a bit of distance and several years of riding under my belt, i felt strong enough to retrace the route of my motorcycle accident from four years ago.
Given that I had concussion at the time and remembered nothing leading up to the accident, I wondered if any memory would return.

My full trip report is posted separately here, so this blog is concentrating solely on the ride on route 1263, where i had the accident.

I set off along the road and no memories were returning. I kept looking around trying to get some kind of flashback, but nothing came. The road had also been resurfaced, so that probably didn’t help much either. As the route went on I began to just enjoy the route, often forgetting the purpose of my trip. It really was a lovely route.

I was already more than halfway into the route and totally happy, when I had a sudden frightening and strange reaction. (My body is full of goosebumps just now, just writing about it and remembering!) I came around a curve at a bow of a hill, and suddenly it was like a camera bulb going off in my face. The whole scene became like camera snapshots rather than reality. Sudden terror took hold of me and my body began shaking convulsively. I let out an horrible wail. (I’m really filled with goosebumps and shivers going up my back now!!) I was still riding and this was really not a long section that I experienced this weird and terrifying reaction.
I pulled over to catch my breath. 

Huge body shaking sobs took over for a moment and I slumped over my bike, letting it out for a bit before finally composing myself again. I looked back over the area I had just passed and I was filled with utter terror. Yet when I looked at the road in front of me, I felt neutral. I absolutely KNEW that was the section of road. I cannot explain it. I do not recall the road. No memory came back. But inside of my brain somewhere the GPS location of my accident is hardwired. 

Amazing really!

Have you ever experienced anything like this?
I cannot explain it.
Would be great to know your experiences or thoughts.
Comment below! 🙂

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