Yamaha MT03 – v – Honda CB300 – my personal opinion of both bikes.

Had an opportunity to test ride the CB300 and the MT03 for a couple of hours around the Mae Wang loop. This is a really nice loop btw!  Many would say there isn’t much difference between these two bikes, but for me the difference was huge. The MT03 was an absolute dream, and i didn’t like the feel of the CB300.

Here’s why:

The CB300 was not as balanced weight-wise for me as the MT03 was. Preferred the smooth throttle of the MT03 (although that could be altered on the CB300). The MT03 was smoother all round, from acceleration to gear changes. It handled the curves perfectly and on the straights it went to 145 in a flash..and for sure it has more power in it, but i was just too wary on a new rental bike (and my own experience of it) to take up the power more. On straight highway roads I’m sure this bike would get up some good speed, and wouldn’t even feel like it.

My dtracker 250cc shakes at 130, but the MT03 was steady and smooth at 145.
Makes me wonder how much power is in it.

The only thing about it that i may not like about it, if i was riding on it for any length of time, is the fairly fixed positioning.

On my dtracker i have a lot of maneuverability. I can shift my leg position a lot, taking them right off the the peddles and onto the frame if cruising, or placing them right behind me on the passenger pedals.

I would be concerned about possible cramp or stiffness and soreness for long touring rides. Would be good to find out when more people ride it long distance. But for a daytrip like i did, it was an absolutely fabulous bike..and i just didn’t want to get off it!

MT03 – 1000 baht at POP rentals
CB300 – 800 baht at POP rentals

Whats your thoughts on these bikes?
Have you ridden them?
Comment below 🙂




  • Your website has some very unique articles. Different from the normal Thailand articles i have read. Great work.

  • Have you considered the MT-09? I’ve heard good things about this bike.

    • Hi! Actually I’ve heard the MT-O9 is a bit temperamental, but i have never been on one, so I cant give a first hand opinion. I do want to give the MT-07 a try though, as ive heard good things about that model.
      I think there is another MT model coming out soon as well.

  • One thing I need say is always to keep bikes reviews close with each other. What i mean is when reviewing bikes make sure that they bikes are similar in style and CC etc, which is as you done.
    Thanks for the differency in your opinion to each bike.
    Sorry my English is not good.

  • I like the valuable info you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m quite sure I’ll learn lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next!

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