Hosted at the 700 Year Stadium the event, the Real Custom Biker Show was a really enjoyable event. Don’t have much to say about this really, so I will leave you with photos instead! (Sorry, there are quite a few photos of me with the bikes, rather than the bikes. At the time I didn’t even consider blogging, so they were just meant for personal use. In future I will attend events with writing about them in mind!)1467250_746917262003517_563619698_n


1476293_746916742003569_2061841367_n 1488162_746915905336986_1461155931_n  1476057_746917195336857_1226626013_n
1471225_746916658670244_401788131_n 1467396_746915725337004_877516104_n  1479537_746917162003527_228764716_n 1463962_746916448670265_850035729_n 1459761_746916172003626_2113202072_n1465188_746916338670276_1971704375_n 1459163_746916292003614_533237475_n1456670_746915802003663_1116228651_n 996099_746916112003632_1974526554_n 13593_746915978670312_1729275139_n

Was a great event! Here is a link for the 2014 show!

Have you ever been to one of the Real Custom Show’s here in Chiang Mai?
Or another biking event elsewhere?
Comment below! 😀


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