Introverted adventurer on a motorcycle 😏
I have been living in Thailand for 13 years, and hope to show the world some of the beauty and hidden gems I have come across in Thailand (and S.E.Asia) via my (mainly solo) travels on my Kawasaki Dtracker 250cc. Past, present and current travels.
I’m a private individual, so it is difficult to write about myself. (Which I realise seems ironic given that I have publicly posted myself on the internet in recent years.)
I somewhat relate it to tasting something absolutely mind blowing and wanting others to enjoy it too. So, my putting myself “out there” is less about me, and more about wanting to say “look at this beautiful thing! Please drink it in!”.

..and Thailand (and S.E.Asia) certainly has beauty in droves! Stunning Wat Chalermprakiet is a favorite of mine....and the breathtaking Wat Khun Win
..as for Wat Phrasornkaew, well that is truly a stunning temple and very much should be seen! (I actually have a post on stunning and unusual temples HERE)
I am so very lucky to have seen many amazing places!

Anyway, a few years back I had people telling me that my adventures and finds were worth sharing, so that gave birth to the concept of www.motogirlthailand.com (aka Motogirl ‘IN’ Thailand).In recent times I have been lucky to take my bike into Laos and Cambodia, and I have been to many remote, rural and interesting places (and written guides and border crossing guides for these places, to help others). Including some of the most stunning mountain views and the most amazing Thai landmarks and temples.

Even close to home (in Chiang Mai) provides amazing adventures!

I have also connected with some amazing people and participated in some fantastic motorbike related events. Such as the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, which raises awareness and money for prostate cancer and mens mental health. (Sadly my ex in the UK passed away at only 38 years old from prostate cancer, so it is so very important to spread awareness!).

…as well as some cool biker events too.

Including the recent Women Riders World Relay that came through Thailand.

Riding a motorbike and visiting these fantastic places has been my life blood! It has saved me from difficult and low times in my life. (I have many more videos in my YouTube Channel 🙂 )

Ok so well, back to me…. (why is it so easy to write about other things, but so hard to write about oneself..? Arghh! …)

Let’s see..(aiming to be concise). Well, I am a hermity-introvert (INTJ) originally from Scotland (however, I have moved around quite a bit in my life and first left the UK when I was 16). Around 13 years ago I was working in London, but miserable. I had been fixated on S.E.Asia for some time and after a small property sale came through I sold up, left my job, and headed to Thailand with a small suitcase (with the plan of maybe travelling, but wasnt sure.) I had never visited S.E.Asia before, but had lived in other countries and continents. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but wasn’t too worried as I’ve overcome difficulties and challenges in life before, so I was ok with a bit of flux.

Fast forward to around 10 year ago. I was living in Chiang Mai and cycling everywhere on my small bicycle, armed with a map, pen and compass. After a while I decided a bicycle wasn’t taking me far enough, so I taught myself how to ride a scooter. That is when the fun really started. I ended up taking that small scooter all over Northern Thailand, exploring nooks and crannies and enjoying life.

Well, until I had a nasty accident (two close together actually). Typical kind of scooter-abroad story really (well, kind of, but anyway). I almost had a foot amputated and I smashed up my face a little (quite a bit..)This accident had me realizing I had outgrown my bike and needed to upgrade not only my bike, but my skills. I am pretty much a self-taught rider, however I did do a fab couple of off-road day courses at the Honda Safety Riding park. Which really helped me learn about riding better off-road. I took their Basic Dirt and Experienced Dirt course.

Its been around four years or so ago that I bought my Kawasaki Dtracker 250cc and it has given me some of the best adventures of my life.

..and I want to share them with you 🙂

So, hopefully my story seems interesting and hopefully you are intrigued enough to subscribe and follow along. 🙂

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..and remember, life should make you happy!
Safe travels x 🙂


  • I really wantcto know more about yourself.

  • Hello!

    I got a chance to look through motogirlthailand.com, and I think your site and audience would be the perfect fit for getting the word out about our brand. I am working on a brand initiative for Bike Bandit, and am reaching out to see if you would be interested in collaborating with us on one of our current projects. If you want to learn more about our brand, you can check out our website at http://www.bikebandit.com. Let me know if you’re interested in working with us, and I’d be happy to send over some more details. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Daniela, Sorry for the late response.
      Had a few days break and then a touch of illness.
      I will take a look at the site and be in touch soon. 🙂

  • This needs an update.

    • I know.
      It’s not easy to write exclusively about myself.
      Surprised anyone would be interested too.
      I suppose i need to think hard about this and update in the coming weeks.
      Thanks for the reminder ^.^

  • Hi Zed, Charlie here coming to Chiang Mai at christmas riding up to Pai then ongoing through Wiang Haeng district further North have seen a road from Pai to Wiang Haeng on Google maps shortcut or not ,you are well informed offering great guides . Stay upright cheers.

    • Thanks Charlie. Sounds like a great trip. The Wiang Haeng to Pai road is one I haven’t done yet. I believe it is still a mix of road and dirt. Also, check out info for The Elephant Trail to Mae Hong Son. You might be interested in that, if you don’t know it already. I still need to do both these tracks some day. My best!

  • Hi Motogirl
    Don’t belittle yourself. I’m sure lots of people would love to know more about you; me included. However, I respect your introvert nature…I’m that way myself, and that you find it hard to let us know too much. Your travel accounts etc are enough, so thank you for sharing. ?
    I hope to come to northern Thailand quite soon for a motorcycle trip, so maybe I’ll be asking you for a little advice.
    Take care

    • Thank you so much. I did try to update it more actually. Before I just had a couple of lines. Quite hard to write about myself. It is much easier to talk about the wonderful things I have been lucky to see, than talk anything about me.
      I appreciate the nice words very much!

  • I was reading your latest post on your trip to Pai and I wanted to comment but the post didn’t have a comment section 🙂

  • er..to Laos.

  • Hi Zed, great blog. I have ridden there a few times and appreciate reading where a local rides. I shall incorporate some of the places you posted (and coffee shops) into my next Northern Thailand tour.

    If you ever feel like riding Japan then I have a ton of info on my blog motorcycleparadise.net being a expat there.


  • Hello I am going to Chiang Mai for 6 months and i pretend go with a scooter ( pcx 150 honda ) 1500 km around the north of Thailand….. Any advises are more than welcome

  • Great site! I’m heading to Thailand for the first time and I’m planning on renting a bike in Chang Mai. Can you recommend a good place to rent a bike suitable for doing the Pai Loop?

  • Hi Motogirl
    thanks for your nice reports of your journeys.
    I enjoyed Laos by many years and your good report’s remembered me to my own joureys to LuangNamta and the Chinese Border in 2015.
    But since January 2016 it was forbidden to enter with my KLX250S and I was very sad.
    Now I see, you traveled alone on May 2018??

    Please let me know how the rules are, for traveling alone to Laos.

    Every year I have a short trip of 90 days to SE Asia. 4 weeks at Thailand, 4 Weeks at Laos and the rest again at Thailand.
    Greetings from Berlin Juergen

    • Hi Juergen.

      I entered solo into Chiang Khong with my 250cc dtracker with no issues.

      However, this is (apparently) because my bike was already logged into their database from my previous ride.

      It seems that there are currently issues with bikes going into Laos on all border points unless there is a previous record of your bike at the border point you are crossing.

      If you already crossed into Laos from Chiang Khong in 2015 then I imagine your bike must be registered with them and should not have issues crossing?

      Was it a different border point you tried to cross in 2016 or the same one?

      If the same one then that is very odd 🙁

      Seems to be an odd change in rules going on and changing all the time :/

      I also suggest asking on GT.Rider forum too, as they should have up to date info.

      I hope that you can get to cross solo again with your KLX…!

  • Stumbled on your page. Moto chick to moto chick, props, and love and light!!

  • Hi MGIT,

    Love the intro, as the Dad of a 13 year old girl who’s also interested in (but not yet riding) , I was wondering if you’d written any blogs or done any vlogs on how you got involved with riding? Would be good to let my girl read something that grabs her interest from a girls perspective and especially one who’s also based in Thailand!

    Cheers and safe trails

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