Mae Ngat Dam area (scooter trip)

Took a quick daytrip to the Mae Ngat Dam area via a back road. Unfortunately this trip was taken well before i had any notion about blogging about my trip, so the exact details are ..well…lost really. If I retrace my trip at some point, i will post an update. Anyway, when people think of the dam, they usually think

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Daytrip to Mon Chaem, Mae Rim. (scooter trip)

Mon Cham (often spelled as Jam) is a scenic day trip from Chiang Mai city center. You can always stay there if you prefer, but i usually just make it a day trip.  Located on Mong Nong Hoi village, Mon Cham is part of the Royal Project, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. Due to it’s cooler temperatures, a great deal

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 Hosted at the 700 Year Stadium the event, the Real Custom Biker Show was a really enjoyable event. Don’t have much to say about this really, so I will leave you with photos instead! (Sorry, there are quite a few photos of me with the bikes, rather than the bikes. At the time I didn’t even consider blogging, so they

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Hilltribe School – Mae Na Chon

Here is a tale to pull the heart strings and give you a little faith in humanity. My friend Alan (an off-road tour company owner and animalistic drummer!), came across a hill tribe school when searching for new tour trails. This school was in dire need of some assistance as it was poorly funded. The main care for the upkeep

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CM> Doi Inthanon >CM (scooter trip)

Doi Inthanon is a fantastic day ride from Chiang Mai. At 2,565 metres above sea-level Doi Inthanon is part of the Himalayan mountain range, and is the highest point in Thailand. **I have a full guide to Doi Inthanon HERE** There is also overnight accommodation available in the National Park, but as i haven’t stayed overnight I cannot comment on

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