Hilltribe School – Mae Na Chon

Here is a tale to pull the heart strings and give you a little faith in humanity. My friend (an off-road tour company owner and animalistic drummer!) Alan, came across a hill tribe school when searching for new tour trails. This school was in dire need of some assistance as it was poorly funded. The main care for the upkeep

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CM> Doi Inthanon >CM (scooter trip)

Doi Inthanon is a fantastic day ride from Chiang Mai. At 2,565 metres above sea-level Doi Inthanon is part of the Himalayan mountain range, and is the highest point in Thailand. **I have a full guide to Doi Inthanon HERE** There is also overnight accommodation available in the National Park, but as i haven’t stayed overnight I cannot comment on

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November 18th …2011… a day I will never forget. I was on a scooter trip, on my Yamaha Fino 115cc, a cute little retro looking scooter, when i found myself on a pothole-y craggy gravely road; the 1263. Now resurfaced. I was too confident on my scooter. I had begun to believe I was infallible. I would often fly past

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Mae Hong Son Loop (Scooter Trip)

Chiang Mai> Pai> Mae Hong Son > Khun Yuam > Ob Luang > Chiang Mai A trip on my Yamaha Fino 115cc, which sadly had a bad ending (serious motorcycle accident). You can read about that here, but for the purpose of this trip report i will leave the details of the accident out. You will notice the map is

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Triumph Bike Photo Shoot

I was unexpectedly invited on a photo shoot. Not a lot to say except that it was a brilliant day and lots of fun. Here are some gratuitous shots: (btw, the venue for the shoot is the now-named “Grand Canyon”, which has become a popular tourist attraction and which charges a fee to enter. At this time the quarry was

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