The Samoeng Loop – a mini scoop

Anyone who rides in Chiang Mai will know the Samoeng Loop, and likely know it well. The loop is pretty much the base staple for any riders in Chiang Mai for a quick ride around on a nice day. Its also the one that many tourists on scooters will want to pay a visit to.(My guide and mini map of

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*A short write-up on and video on the Real Custom Biker Show 2014*   On Saturday 13th December 2016, the 700 Year Stadium hosted yet another fab Real Custom Biker Show, the 4th annual event of it’s kind here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This event attracts visitors from all over Thailand, as well as internationally, with the roads filling up

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Mae Ngat Dam area (scooter trip)

Took a quick daytrip to the Mae Ngat Dam area via a back road. Unfortunately this trip was taken well before i had any notion about blogging about my trip, so the exact details are ..well…lost really. If I retrace my trip at some point, i will post an update. Anyway, when people think of the dam, they usually think

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Daytrip to Mon Chaem, Mae Rim. (scooter trip)

Mon Cham (often spelled as Jam) is a scenic day trip from Chiang Mai city center. You can always stay there if you prefer, but i usually just make it a day trip.  Located on Mong Nong Hoi village, Mon Cham is part of the Royal Project, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. Due to it’s cooler temperatures, a great deal

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 Hosted at the 700 Year Stadium the event, the Real Custom Biker Show was a really enjoyable event. Don’t have much to say about this really, so I will leave you with photos instead!(Sorry, there are quite a few photos of me with the bikes, rather than the bikes. At the time I didn’t even consider blogging, so they were

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