Hanoi – Thai Embassy / Thai Visa Trip (Non-Moto)

Seeing as I had never been to Vietnam before, I figured I would apply for my new Thai visa in the capital city. I decided to go on the weekend to get a taste of the city before applying for my visa on the Monday morning. (Next time I visit I hope to ride in Vietnam instead.) *FOR DETAILED INFO

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Remote / Interesting Temples – Chiang Mai Region

There are so many interesting and unique temples in the region that it would take forever to compile the best ones. So for now here are some of the most interesting/remote ones I have come across. I will likely add more later on and update 🙂 1: สำนักปฏิบัติธรรมสันกู่ / San Pa Gu Meditation Centre (Google Map) Amazing entranceway to this meditation

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A Decade+ of Songkran (Thai New Year) – Chiang Mai

I have attended Songkran consecutively in Chiang Mai each year since 2007. Here is a selection of video clips and photos I have taken over this ten year Songkran period. NOTE: The old footage is not great quality. From 2015 onwards the quality is HD.  Traditionally, Songkran (Thai New Year) is a gentle water festival. It is a time to

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Safety first. Is there any such thing in Thailand?

Whether a visitor or resident, chances are you will have noticed the rather -ahem- ‘lenient’ safety procedures in The Land of Smiles. From building site construction to wearing a helmet whilst driving, ‘safety first’ is generally a loose concept. Lets look at the moto side of things first. The chances are you will have seen not only riders without helmets,

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