5 Days / 7 Provinces Loop

A motorcycle trip spanning over 5 days, taking in sections of 7 different provinces (although some outskirt provinces). These include: Chiang Mai, Nan, Loei, Uttaradit, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Prae. A friend suggested a long motorcycle trip (initially for around 8 days approx), visiting areas that neither of us had ever been to before. With a fab route map devised by an

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Border Ride. N.West to N.East – Northern Thailand.

An approx 950km Northern Thailand solo border ride (loop) from N.West to N.East over 2 days. Taking in many famous “must-see’s”, including Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung, The Golden Triangle, Phu Chi Fa, The Big Dipper and Phayao. *A video of highlights from the trip is at the bottom of the page.* Visa extension stamp time was looming and an

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Mae Sariang Trip

Saturday 3rd June – Sunday 4th June. Weekend trip to Mae Sariang. Day 1: Chiang Mai > Mae Chaem > Khun Yuam > Mai Sariang. Meeting at a local PTT garage, 5 of us gathered to ride to Mae Sariang. The group consisted of 3 lady riders, and 2 male. My friend Sam (lady) on her CB500x, Ms.S on her CBR250, Mr.K

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Ladies Ride – The 1095 Route To Pai

Girl’s ride at the weekend (27th – 28th May). Three lady riders take a ride to Pai, including an overnight stay. Was a fantastic trip! 😀 We are now just at the start of Rainy Season in Northern Thailand and a few days before our trip there was an official weather warning about storms and possible flooding in Northern Regions. Not something to

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Girls Ride Out – The Mae Hong Son Loop. N.Thailand.

For those unfamiliar with this loop, here is a quick low-down: This loop is hands-down the most famous loop in Northern Thailand. Very scenic with lots of great places to stop off. I have a detailed guide to the loop HERE. This loop consists of sweeping curves and some tight twisty sections (my personal favorite) and boasts 1,864 curves in

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Chiang Mai > Mae Sai > Phayao > Chiang Mai. 640+ km

Conclusion (yes, im starting with a conclusion): Sore bum. lol. As a foreigner in Thailand, if you wish to stay for any length of time, you will usually get acquainted with visa trips. These can be frequent, depending on your visa type. For this particular trip i headed to the Thailand/Burma border (more info on how to do a border

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