Pai Loop: (Samoeng > Wat Chan > Pai > R1095 >Chiang Mai)

A fun ride with (party people) friends, with the focus being not just the ride, but the nightlife of Pai. So this trip report is a bit of a social and fun one, with an update on how the town of Pai is in more recent times..  FULL LOOP (google map link) Pai now officially has a proper road loop!

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Huamereng, Border Regions, Doi Wawi & More…

Finally, following a bout of ill health and a few other commitments, I was able to get a ‘proper’ motorcycle trip in. December period was pretty much ride free and January saw me take on just a couple of day rides. So, was great to get back on the bike and get out again. This ride is in two stages.

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Muang Sing or Bust. (Crossing the Thai border and riding into Laos)

I had a last minute offer from my friend David to join in on a ride to Laos. He planned on heading to Muang Sing, for a festival that was being held there (the Boun That Xieng Teung festival). Given that I had been wanting the experience of taking my motorbike across into Laos and riding there for some time, plus

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Four Day Mae Hong Son Tour (with TBB Tours, Chiang Mai)

I was invited to join an official tour group that TBB Tours were hosting. It was too good an opportunity to decline (despite some initial reservations of riding with people that I did not know, on a bike I was unfamiliar with). The tour would be a four day Mae Hong Son Loop tour, a route that I know well. However,

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Border Visa Run – The Long Way Round

For an expat in Thailand, most have only one of two options: report to immigration every 90 days, or do a border crossing (get stamped out of Thailand, enter into the neighbouring country, then get stamped back into Thailand). Given that I prefer to have any excuse to take my bike out for a trip, I pretty much always choose

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5 Days / 7 Provinces Loop

A motorcycle trip spanning over 5 days, taking in sections of 7 different provinces (although some outskirt provinces). These include: Chiang Mai, Nan, Loei, Uttaradit, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, Prae. A friend suggested a long motorcycle trip (initially for around 8 days approx), visiting areas that neither of us had ever been to before. With a fab route map devised by an

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Border Ride. N.West to N.East – Northern Thailand.

An approx 950km Northern Thailand solo border ride (loop) from N.West to N.East over 2 days. Taking in many famous “must-see’s”, including Doi Mae Salong, Doi Tung, The Golden Triangle, Phu Chi Fa, The Big Dipper and Phayao. *A video of highlights from the trip is at the bottom of the page.* Visa extension stamp time was looming and an

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