Day Trippin’ – Mae Wang (& Doi Inthanon Area)

Monday 18th November 2011. This day is the anniversary of a bad motorcycle accident 8 years ago, so I always try to get in an interesting motorcycle ride on this date. Having checked out some possible routes via Google Maps, it was also a good time to try some minor trails and off-road tracks. (I am very bad at off-road

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Temple-Tastic! 8 Hours Exploring On ONE Tank Of Petrol!

(Wednesday October 2nd 2019). 8 hours of riding joy exploring a section of outer Chiang Mai region, on ONE tank of petrol (7.7 litre tank)! Fab roads and amazing temples on a glorious Rainy Season day. (*Note* many of the temples/meditation retreats I visit are very quiet and turning up as a solo rider isn’t a problem. In my humble opinion

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DayTripping Hidden Delights: Samoeng – Ban Pong – Mae Wang

16th September 2019. I planned to take a few hours out for a quick ride/explore in the Samoeng area of Chiang Mai province, but I was enjoying myself so much that it turned into a 9 hour ride/explore. I had an absolutely brilliant day of looking around, including finding a hidden Vietnamese temple in Samoeng Neau valley. With the Rainy

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