Girls On Enfields – Leh Ladakh, India.

Back in September I attended a talk given by two ladies; Sam & Janni, who had just returned from 10 days of adventure riding on 500cc Royal Enfields, in Leh, Ladakh (including Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable pass). But first, lets kick off with the excellent video Janni put together from her GoPro footage: Very cool! During the talk

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Stop Kissing My Bike!

Bike kissing seems to be a big problem here in Thailand. I do not know if this issue is worldwide, but I noticed it is rather bad here. Particularly seems to affect my little scooter, a cute retro looking Yamaha Fino. This bike seems to attract the most amount of kissing. As you can see from this photo—> This also

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What makes me feel proud to be a Biker…

A friend recently nominated me to post a photo(s) that makes me feel proud to be a Biker. So be aware that this blog post is a rather indulgent one. Read on only if you can forgive me for being so self-focused..! Turned out to be not as easy a decision as I thought it would be.  How can one

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Jacket Lost / Jacket Found!

Mini Adventure Drama…with a magical twist.  (…involving “homing pigeon” shoes, a beloved moto jacket, an orange shopping bag, and a dizzy female > me) Day 1 (2 days ago): Took a quick motorcycle trip around the Samoeng loop, only to stupidly lose a bag i had (obviously) tied badly onto my bike (for the record I was wearing alternative armour!).

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One Screw Loose

One screw loose. No, not me. The bike! So i think its about time to learn more about fixing up my own bike. You know “just in case”. ..and, because i enjoy it. ..and, because im Scottish (frugal is the word, frugal!) Anyway, there was an rather annoying ratting/vibrate sound coming from my bike. The longer i didnt do anything

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