er….it isn’t so easy to write about oneself….

I first landed in Chiang Mai over 11 year ago with only a very small suitcase, having sold up my previous life. I had never been to Asia but had lived in other countries.
I had always wanted to go to S.E.Asia, so was a dream come true to make the move.

Thought i would stay 6 around months, but then in a blink of an eye over 11 years passed.

I’ve always loved bikes and my father was a rider. However I only learned to ride about 7 year ago and initially only on an automatic scooter.

I took trips all over Northern Thailand on my little 115cc Yamaha Fino Scooter, until I had a serious accident 5 year ago where i nearly lost my life.

Following my recovery, i learned to ride better and learned to ride manual, I obtained better protection..and lastly, in June 2014, I bought my Kawasaki D’tracker 250.

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Thank you so much!




  • I really wantcto know more about yourself.

  • Hello!

    I got a chance to look through, and I think your site and audience would be the perfect fit for getting the word out about our brand. I am working on a brand initiative for Bike Bandit, and am reaching out to see if you would be interested in collaborating with us on one of our current projects. If you want to learn more about our brand, you can check out our website at Let me know if you’re interested in working with us, and I’d be happy to send over some more details. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Daniela, Sorry for the late response.
      Had a few days break and then a touch of illness.
      I will take a look at the site and be in touch soon. 🙂

  • This needs an update.

    • I know.
      It’s not easy to write exclusively about myself.
      Surprised anyone would be interested too.
      I suppose i need to think hard about this and update in the coming weeks.
      Thanks for the reminder ^.^

  • Hi Zed, Charlie here coming to Chiang Mai at christmas riding up to Pai then ongoing through Wiang Haeng district further North have seen a road from Pai to Wiang Haeng on Google maps shortcut or not ,you are well informed offering great guides . Stay upright cheers.

    • Thanks Charlie. Sounds like a great trip. The Wiang Haeng to Pai road is one I haven’t done yet. I believe it is still a mix of road and dirt. Also, check out info for The Elephant Trail to Mae Hong Son. You might be interested in that, if you don’t know it already. I still need to do both these tracks some day. My best!

  • Hi Motogirl
    Don’t belittle yourself. I’m sure lots of people would love to know more about you; me included. However, I respect your introvert nature…I’m that way myself, and that you find it hard to let us know too much. Your travel accounts etc are enough, so thank you for sharing. 😊
    I hope to come to northern Thailand quite soon for a motorcycle trip, so maybe I’ll be asking you for a little advice.
    Take care

    • Thank you so much. I did try to update it more actually. Before I just had a couple of lines. Quite hard to write about myself. It is much easier to talk about the wonderful things I have been lucky to see, than talk anything about me.
      I appreciate the nice words very much!

  • I was reading your latest post on your trip to Pai and I wanted to comment but the post didn’t have a comment section 🙂

  • Laos.

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